Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Sunset from hotel lobby

I traveled to northern Indiana with my daughter Debbie so she could take a sewing machine service and repair class. It was a two part class so we were there more then a week...On Sunday, her only free day from class we took a road trip called The Heritage Trail...We were in Amish country so nothing was open for us to visit but had a great time and learned a few things by listening to the audio that followed along with the trip.
Peanut farm
This popcorn farm specializes in a special popcorn called sweet corn. It is made from the tiny tender kernels at the very end of cob... 
The following photos are of the old railway station that has been transformed into shops and eateries. You can see the rails going down between the buildings and if you look closely you can imagine the people waiting for the train to pull in as they wait on the platform to the left of the photo. The right is the back entrance of the "Bag Factory

Old rail way station
The windows of the Bag Factory have all been boarded up...Literally...They have plywood over them with panes painted on. A clever and artistic way to solve a problem

The Old Bag Factory

Part of the plumbing for the Bag Factory
This steel bridge is a replacement of an old wooden bridge
Art across the country side
Life imitating art

The result of life imitating art

As  we traveled on under beautiful cloudy skies we came across this old barn..I love old buildings especially the ones that are barely hanging on.

Clouds reflecting on roof of our car

There are dozens of these statues scattered along The Heritage Trail but we captured only a few.

Friday, July 10, 2015

New house

The house we are buying,...The house is a tad larger but the yard is considerably smaller...

Saturday, May 9, 2015


I have not rambled around my garden much this spring. Last year at this time I had no idea we would be planning a move this year but after a winter of heath issues we have decided we need to live where we have public transportation so that when we can no longer drive we will have shopping and public transportation within  walking distance. We are working on getting moved some time before the end of the year and I have been busy deciding what to keep and what to move.  Rambling around this morning  is sort of bitter sweet seeing what is being left behind.  We are moving to a home that is one room larger (dining room) then the one we have now but the yard is one third the size with no fence and many restrictions we don't have now so it will be a challenge to create a back yard garden like I have done here but looking forward to a new adventure.

My pixelated goddess and I greeting the morning

 Passion flowers getting ready to bloom

 Bougainvillea getting started again after a hard freeze this winter

  Heavenly Bamboo flowers (Nandina)

 Spiders spinning their webs

 Asparagus fern flowers

 Blooms in my butterfly garden (?)

 Sunflower trees

Wood chip I like

 Wild plum  volunteers

 Old sand pine tree limb having it's way with our fence

 Limbs that bend but do not break

 Bleeding heart

 4 o'clock blooming in the morning

 One of my favorite views in the garden

 Virginia creeper

 Empty pots waiting to be cleaned and moved to new home

At first I was lost and then I was found...